Reading Suggestions

Best Sellers

New York Times - List of hardcover bestsellers based on sales from various stores where general interest books are sold.

Publishers Weekly - Weekly lists of bestselling fiction from the magazine.

San Francisco Chronicle Best-Sellers - The Bay Area best-seller lists are compiled each Tuesday from a telephone survey of booksellers whose reports are weighted according to store volume.

Other Sites

New York Times Books - Access to the Sunday Book Review and NY Times bestsellers lists.

San Francisco Chronicle - Reviews from the SF Chronicle's online book section, and lists of bestsellers in the Bay Area.

Whichbook - Provides book recommendations based on your preferences in story characteristics, or plot, character, and setting.

Genre Reading

All About Romance - Reviews of romance books, plus articles, cover contests, and message boards where readers can discuss books. - Hundreds of reviews for various genres: biography, fantasy, history, literature, mystery, romance, science fiction, and thriller.

Fantastic Fiction - This British site lists science fiction, fantasy, and horror books, providing a summary, cover image, and publication details. It also has a picture and brief biographical details on many authors. This site is also good for finding award winners.

Locus Magazine Online - Reviews for science fiction, fantasy, and horror books, as well as publisher and author links, events, and upcoming releases.

No Flying, No Tights - Lists of comics and graphic novels for adults, teens, and kids.

Stop, You’re Killing Me! - This site has lists of mystery books by author, although they are adding other options, such as sub-genres.

Series and Sequels

Mid-Continent Public Library - Juvenile Series & Sequels - The 'Juvenile Series and Sequels' database currently contains over 18,000 books in series titles.

What's Next: A Searchable Database of Novels in Series - Up-to-date listings of adult and youth fiction series.

Social Networking

These websites generate reading suggestions based on the users’ book recommendations.

Goodreads - Use this site to keep track of your book lists, post reviews, see what others are reading, and get book recommendations.

Gnooks - A self-adapting site based on the recommendations of users. It has suggested reading, cloud map of similar authors, and other features.

Guys Read - An interactive site with book recommendations for guys of various ages.

LibraryThing - This site enables users to categorize their book shelves and reading lists, and find similar books through the lists of other users.


Sites with resources and suggestions for book discussion groups.

Reading Group Guides - Over 1,200 book guides for discussion groups, plus advice on starting a group and selecting books to read. - An online community dedicated to books and book clubs—because both enrich our lives. LitLovers has great resources to enhance your book club experience. Whether you're selecting books, or thinking & talking about them, LitLovers is the place to come.