CAreer Pathways Resources

The California State Library supports a variety of workforce development platforms to all Californians through their local public libraries.

Public libraries are community hubs that bring people together and close the opportunity gap by connecting people to essential services and resources. The resources available through CAreer Pathways are another way in which libraries aid in personal economic development, build and encourage communities of lifelong learners, increase digital equity, and support the information needs of a 21st Century society.

Building Lifelong Learners flier

circle with person carrying a briefcase in the top left and a star in the bottom right with words Brainfuse JobNow & VetNow in aqua color

JobNow/VetNow is an all-in-one suite of services designed for a wide range of career or veteran needs. It offers live help with tutors and job coaches. Log in with your library card number to access the live help along with many other online tools.

  • Provides live interactive online help combined with online resources to guide users through the necessary tasks to get a job.
  • Contains resources for resume and cover letter writing, including 24-hr professional review and feedback.
  • Includes live online interview practice from JobNow coaches and 24/7 access to an extensive library of interview strategies, tips, and career resources.
  • Has access to live help and links for Navigating the Veterans Affairs system
  • Houses resources to support adjusting from military to a civilian career

Coursera in blue lettering

Free online courses taught by top instructors from over 200 leading universities and companies. Access all course materials, gain skills to advance or switch careers, and earn certificates of completion. Coursera’s mission is to help individuals build the skills they need for in-demand jobs.

  • Provides learners with access to more than 5,000 courses and certifications led by top businesses, universities, and organizations.
  • Courses include: English for Business and Entrepreneurship (ESL), Foundations of Public Health Practice, Become an EMT, Bookkeeping Basics, Introduction to Google Docs, Design a Restaurant Menu, Food and Beverage Management, Branding: The Creative Journey.
  • Contains “Gateway Certification,” a program for people without a college degree and with no experience in the field, built by leading companies such as Google. Facebook, and Salesforce.
  • Offers subtitles in more than 50 languages

Learning Express Library logo

LearningExpress supports those looking to prepare for college, obtain occupational certification, find a job, become a U.S. citizen, and much more.

  • Assists in exam preparation, including the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST), California Real Estate Salesperson exam, and the California Police Officer Exam.
  • Courses include: Exam prep in plumbing, air traffic control, law enforcement, EMT, firefighter, nursing, teaching, adult education in Spanish, college placement exam prep
  • Provides tools for resume building, interviewing, and job seeking
  • Supplies tools for earning a high school equivalency diploma in California
  • Contains video courses to help Californians build computer literacy skills

Linked in Learning in blue letters with a white background, except In is in white letters with a blue background.

LinkedIn Learning focuses on the skills needed to land the most sought after jobs. It is award-winning online learning taught by industry experts, offering more than 3,000 courses and 150,000 videos on business, technical and creative skills.

  • Provides professional certificates that can be added to a LinkedIn profile
  • Courses include: Pitching Yourself, Expert Tips for Answering Common Interview Questions, New Revenue Ideas for Food and Beverage Businesses, Construction Management: Technology on the Job Site
  • Includes a concentration on the “whole” person, emphasizing mental health and wellness resources, guidance for managing stress/burnout, and other items like “Balancing Work and Life as a Work-from-Home Parent.”
  • Contains critical soft skills training, such as resilience, team work, and time management.
  • Offers courses in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and four other languages.

An N in black lettering, with a yellow arrow above the letter and blue arrows from the left, right, and bottom sides. Northstar in black lettering. Digital Literacy in blue lettering.

Northstar focuses on people with no, low, or limited technology skills. Acquire skills needed in today’s workplace through free lessons and assessments. Boost skills in computer basics, Microsoft Word, online career searching, and more.

  • Build skills in key digital literacy areas and demonstrate knowledge by earning certificates and badges.
  • Courses include: Your Digital Footprint, Supporting K-12 Distance Learning, Email, Internet Basics, Information Literacy
  • Defines the basic skills needed to use a computer and the internet in daily life, employment, and higher education.
  • Online, self-guided assessments measure mastery of basic skills in 14 areas.
  • Classroom curricula provide detailed lesson plans for teachers, and can be used remotely or in person.

Skillshare in black lettering with green dots above the I and at the end of share. California in orange lettering State Library in blue lettering with the logo of a square with an orange border, blue background and a star burst in white in the center

Skillshare is for creatives and others wanting to build or grow a business and/or learn new skills. It is an online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people. Figure out your next side project, pick up new skills for your day job, or pursue a lifelong passion. Create an account for 3 months of free access to Skillshare Premium.

  • Provides 35,000 video courses on topics including entrepreneurship, graphic design, productivity, freelancing, marketing, illustration, and time management.
  • Courses include: Pricing Your Work and Negotiating with Clients, Etsy Launch: How to Open an Etsy Shop, Organizational Culture: How to Build an Inclusive Work Environment, Inclusive UX: Designing Websites for Everyone, and Starting a Successful Side Hustle
  • Skillshare’s short online classes help users find inspiration that fits their personal routine.

All resources were supported in whole or in part by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act, administered in California by the State Librarian.