Language Learning

Please see the free language learning resources available online.

Free language learning resources

A white background with a green bird with orange feet and the word Duolingo in green lettering

Duolingo is a free online language learning program designed to be fun and accessible for everyone around the world. Built to feel like a game, users can learn 30+ different languages as they compete with each other as they learn. Lessons are "bite-sized" which means they can be picked up any time or taken on-the-go in 5 minutes at a time.

A white background with a blue square with multi-colored circles in the shape of a dialogue bubble. Under that is the word HelloTalk in black lettering

HelloTalk is a language app where your teachers are native language speakers from around the world. Pick from over 100 languages. Once you start learning you’ll be in touch with native speakers of that language. You will start learning and practicing immediately. Simultaneously speak and type the language you’re learning. Easily translate whenever you don’t understand, and so much more.

A blue background with a large b and the word Busuu in white lettering

Busuu teaches you languages online, from your computer and/or from your mobile. All you need to do is select the language you want to learn and start your lessons. There are twelve different language courses covering the four main language skills - reading, writing, listening, speaking - from beginner to upper intermediate level.