Computer Use Policy - Children

Children ages 2 - 7 must have an adult with them while using the computer. Ages 8 - 15 may use it alone.

  1. Sign up in person at the PC Reservation System.
  2. Limit of 180 minutes per day.
  3. Only one user and two observers allowed at a computer at one time.
  4. Library cardholders receive an allocation of twenty cents of printing credit per day.
  5. Black and white prints are ten cents per page; color prints are twenty-five cents per page.

Children's Computer Use Guidelines

What is the Children's Internet?

Children’s internet stations offer filtered internet access to children aged 2-15. Children aged 2-7 must have an adult 18 years or older with them while using the computers. Customers ages 16 and older must use the computers in the adult internet stations. Filters are not perfect. If you have concerns, stay with your child.

How do I sign up to use the Children's Internet?

Sign up at the PC Reservation Station by scanning or typing your library card number. You must have your own card to use the computer. You cannot use a parent’s card or ID to use the computer.

Can I make reservations to use the Children's Internet?

You must sign up in person. The computers are available on a first come, first reserved basis. You can sign up for 30 minutes. When your time is up you may be able to extend your time if no one has a reservation.

Can I send e-mail on the Children's Internet?

No. E-mail and chat software is not available.

Date Developed: January 2002
Dates Revised: December 10, 2002; September 14, 2006; July 2009; February 2018