Art Display Policy

As part of its public service and information mission, the Stanislaus County Library makes display cases available to the public at certain county library sites. These cases are open to individuals or non-profit organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable pursuits.

Providing display space for public use does not constitute library endorsement of the beliefs or viewpoints that may be advocated by the displays, or of the organization responsible for the displays. The library will provide this disclaimer for each display area.

The library reserves the right to determine the scheduling, duration and assignment of display spaces.

Displays may not be publicized in a manner which suggests library sponsorship or endorsement.

The library takes no responsibility nor assumes liability for materials in a display and will require all individuals and organizations setting up displays to sign a form releasing the library from responsibility. The exhibiting individual or organization will be held liable for any damage to library property from mounting or removing a display.

The exhibiting individual or organization is responsible for removing the display at the time specified. If the display is not removed by the time specified, the library has the right to remove the display.

Individuals or organizations may be limited to one display per twelve month period depending upon availability of display space. The number of days the display can be exhibited will be determined by the department in charge of the particular display case. Displays should be removed on or before the last day specified.

Customers concerned about material in display cases are welcome to fill out a Materials Selection Inquiry form or to voice those concerns with the County Librarian.

Date Developed: August 11, 2011
Reviewed by: County Counsel

Approved: Vanessa Czopek