Stanislaus County Library Values and Explanation for Library Use Value Calculator

This chart provides the background for the estimated retail values. Some of the values are estimates and averages with revision to reflect local 2013 costs. For example we used the midpoint between hardcover and paperback of a book from a discount online store for that value to allow for different types of books borrowed.

A list of estimated or average Stanislaus County Library values with explanation.

Item Estimated Retail Value Values Explained
Book Borrowed $17.00 Estimated average discount cost of hardcover & paperback
eBook Borrowed $15.00 Average cost to download an eBook
Magazines Borrowed $5.00 Average cost to purchase a magazine
Newspapers Borrowed $4.35 Modesto Bee subscription per week
Movies Borrowed (e.g., local national chain) $3.00 Average cost of Redbox rentals, DVR rentals, and online and mail services
Audio Books Borrowed $10.00 Average cost to purchase an audio book
Adult Programs Attended $15.00 Typical Adult Admission Fee
Teen Programs Attended $12.00 Typical Teen Admission Fee
Children's Programs Attended $6.00 Typical Child Admission Fee
Computer Use: Internet or MS Word per hour $12.00 Sample hourly rate at a copy center
Database Searches $20.00 Average cost for online article search
Reference Assistance $7.00 Average library cost per question


Based initially on the calculator from Massachusetts Library Association and the Maine State Library.