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Stanislaus County Library
SCL: Customer Comments
  • How is your library helping in tough economic times?
    Customer comments from March 2 - April 13, 2009


I don't have to buy books I can just ''rent'' them.
I use the library whether times are good or bad, but the wireless broadband access is really appreciated
I used to purchase books as I love to read. I've totally given that up and put my name on wait lists for books. I want. I use the website regularly and visit the library 2x week.
I just LOVE that I can check out books on CD and tape for my commute to work!
All of us need to unwind during these stressful times. Without the money to afford entertainment, I am so glad to be able to grab a book and relax. The kids and I have rediscovered the joy of reading. Thanks for remaining a constant in these troubled times.
I can't afford to buy books anymore, so it's nice to still have access to various forms of literature. Thanks.
i couldn't live happily without my library and its staff. The books keep me sane and the staff is always ready to help me.
We check out books/ movies more instead of buying--now if only you were open on Saturdays.
The library has provided a safe place we can go and have adventures and then take some fun home as well. Thank you!
very helpful
I am a teacher with Modesto City Schools. Many of the families I work with have no income. I know that the books that I check out for read-alouds in class are helping to raise the level of literacy for children who have almost no access to books. I have seen more children use the library and they proudly bring in books they have checked out to be read in class. Your staff is always friendly and excited to help.
The library has been a great place for me to go when I don't have money. It's fun, free, and educational!
a wide variety of books that can be borrowed, is a savings from having to purchase them...Love the library!
I am checking out lots of DVDs for free, instead of paying for them at Netflix & Blockbuster! 
I am saving money by checking out books at the library instead of buying them.
It allows me to save money by loaning me books
saving money on buying books
I read a lot and I usually buy my books. Lately I've been using the library instead. Just over the past few months I figure I've saved a couple hundred dollars. Sure helps when your husband is unemployed!!!
I am able to read, keeping me relaxed, without purchasing books. Thank you so much!
I can't afford to buy research materials for school, so I just borrow them from the County Library.
The library provides DVDs and books that I can no longer afford to rent or purchase. I love suspense fiction and always seem to find a large collection of new releases. I do appreciate that I have a continued source of free entertainment. THANKS.
It allows me to continue to be an avid reader, while no longer having to purchase books. It has also taught me patience--to wait until the book comes up as available to me. Thank you for being there!
I am not buying books but renting them from the library.
No change for me. I am still ordering books and BOT online and when I pick them up the staff at the Ceres branch are so helpful and cheerful!!
Helping me by satisfying my reading addiction
A place to study; a place to get books without expense!
Rent movies for free.
The library has always been, in my opinion, the best feature of this town. However, during these trying economical times, the library is getting less and less money. But even though the library is losing money, it still offers us it's best service, along with the best books and good workers. It's helped us to know that the library is still one of the best things out there, and it's free!
I am able to check out lots of different stories for my children instead of buying them. My kids enjoy going to the library to check out "new" books.
I Love the Library!!  You provide a place of peace, solitude and exploration to feed my insatiable curiosity.
I took on more work, and I need to research how to do it!  Thank you.
saves me trips downtown
Proving the necessary means to finish homework on a regular basis
Keeps our book club viable with many available titles.  Great to have this repository of the classics readily available.
The library offers great entertainment for kids and it's free!
amazing life saver, I love it
providing free entertainment and a comfortable place to go.
I have researched crochet and Knitting techniques to make a few items to sell online.
I checked out books to study for my LPN NCLEX
I get to borrow the book that interests me rather than buying it. The audio books can be played while I'm doing home maintenance like painting or cleaning.
permitting access to books and tools for free
I love being able to read a best-seller and not having to spend $18 or more to buy it.  Plus I love checking out movies for my daughter; I save a ton of money because I don't buy or rent them anymore.  Thanks!
I am so grateful that even today after all of the cutbacks you are willing to help the public free of charge.  I know that my husband learning the computer was very helpful in landing a job in the worst economy ever.  We thank you for the volunteer that helped him.  We visit the library at least twice a month or more to enjoy all that you offer.  Hopefully when times are better employees will get their hours back and we can enjoy the library more.   Thank you for your dedication!  Sincerely,     An Avid Visitor
The free library is an excellent resource for economic information as well as a much-appreciated source of inspirational books on history and society.  
It saves me from spending money on books!
give me some place to visit free of charge and wonderful books to enjoy while i'm out of work. Thank u
Saving me money (checking out books instead of buying them), I can read at the library conserving on my PG&E bills of heat/light. Wonderful selection of books available to take our minds off this current economic situation. Thank you!
I save hundreds of dollars a month in books and videos.
It is always great to keep reading when you don't have the money to buy books!!!
My husband and I love to read but we can't afford to be buying lots of books right now.  We utilize the library so that we can still read as much as we want without having to buy so many books.  We still buy books but only the ones that we really enjoyed.  Also, I have a job that allows me to listen to books on CD while I work.  Without the books on CD my job would be very boring. Books on CD are very expensive and without the library I wouldn't be able to do this. Thank you for the services that you provide to the community.
I am checking out many books rather than buying them. It is great!
I've always borrowed books instead of buying, so the library is helping as always!
I don't buy books, I borrow them
provides entertainment and books i would normally have to buy
Since I'm on disability income, all times are difficult economically:)  Two things that I love the most about your library is #1 Wide selection of books I can read without having to purchase, and #2 I enjoy the ease and benefits of having a book list and ordering books online.  Thank you for all you do for my enjoyment of reading.
The library provides entertainment that costs me no money!!
My children enjoy visiting the library and even more so during these difficult times.  mother of 6
Good stuff to spend time with
I come to print out on-line applications, as I am looking for work.  Thanks.
not having to buy books
lots of free entertainment--books and dvd's
we are definitely appreciative of the modesto library. we have just recently started borrowing books again and are saving quite a bit of money. there are 3 of us in our household who read. thank you.
Free DVD borrowing is great.
The memories of my father taking my small hand as a little girl and helping me check out my first books at the Stanislaus County library (now the Modesto Museum) is one of the fondest memories I have of  my dad. He gave me with the library’s help a love of learning and reading which I have passed along to my children. I no long am able to afford books new or used, or DVD's even rentals. The library has always been a place to feel just like everyone else to learn, live, and explore places. There is no other place for my family to expand their thinking of new and old ideas with points of view, familiar and unfamiliar, that you leave with a better understanding of the world. Please keep the library open as much as possible with all the wonderful world of books, magazines and films available to all. No one can take knowledge and imagination away once it has been lifted off the pages of a book. The library is worth every penny that is spent on its services and would be a tragic lost to me personally, my family (including two high school students) and all of society. My world has changed dramatically and the constant that I hold onto is my family and the library. Thank you for your time and consideration. 
We dont have to spend money buying books.
Helps a lot because I don't want to stop reading and the library is a great source of fun and entertainment that needs no money involved
We have always loved the library, but the value today is even better.  Videos& audio books for day trips, bestsellers for reading time...our public library is always the best value out there.
I feel the need for read(ing), but my wallet can't handle "The Price of Fame"(the novel), so I turn to the library to fill the void in life (and wallet). The library is the second love of my life.
The library is the second love of my life.  It is there when I am down.  We have the best time together, whether we are fighting evil wizards, visiting Lake Wobegon, lounging around Duma Key, or just reading through a few Satanic Verses.  I sing a song of myself and the library always replies in memoriam A.H.H.  I love you library, your my second best friend.
stress relief w educational entertainment for the kids, a mental escape at no cost for parents
It allows my family and I to escape to faraway lands and introduces us to new imaginary characters without spending a dime and without leaving our home. Not to mention creating a bond with my children every time we sit together to read a book.  And did I mention it's all FREE!!!  by Alejandra Gomez, Modesto CA 
by providing free learning
I have borrowed all but one of my GRE study books from you saving me so much money.  I LOVE THE LIBRARY!!!
I am able to search for materials and books online, and when I know the book has been held for me, it's a trip to the library - combining errand and the library thus saving gas.
The library serves as my bookstore!
place for me and my children to continue our love of reading
I love visiting the library, I really miss the Sunday hours, I hope some time in the future Sunday's will be offered and maybe Friday's could be closed.  This is the only thing I'm disappointed about is the schedule.  I used to go on Sunday's, almost every week, since my children were very small, now they are adults.  It was the only thing I could do that didn't cost me money.  Thank You!
I am disabled and stay home alone while my husband works at night. I read rather than watch the depressing news. And I don't have to pay for the books I read
I love you guys!
I can read pretty much whatever books I want and I don't have to pay for them. It's very helpful because most books you don't read enough times to get your moneys worth- my only wish is that they invested in "Last Christmas" by Kate Brian
I have been able to take my daughter in for story time. A free entertainment that is also educational
I save at least $175.00 per month by not purchasing books.
We've always saved tons of money by borrowing books instead of purchasing them from a bookstore.  Plus, you can reserve them online and they'll be waiting for you when you get there!
thank goodness for books
It's an oasis, because I can check out books and movies that I cannot afford to buy or rent
I started using the library long before the "hard times." Having it available means I don't have to buy books!
I get to borrow books for free.
I am a small business owner , so I've been looking up a lot of information on sales, taxes etc .  Also, we adopted a dog from the humane society and I was able to look up training and breed info on her as well.  We aren't able to afford to buy books right now, so we've been checking out a lot of books!
Getting books from the library keeps things new and changing in our household. 
I am a teacher, and since the funding for education has been severely cut, I make many trips to the library each month to get books for my students. I also encourage all of the parents of my students to utilize the library. And, personally, I am an avid reader, and I use the library for all of my books. I rarely purchase books for me.
The library remains the essential and affordable resource for the information that I need to be able to keep up with new developments in my field.  Unfortunately, with the reduced new books budget, it has been getting more and more difficult to find the books I need at the library,  But in these difficult economic times, the library has become more essential than ever in enabling me to continue to serve my patients.
allowing me access to books i can no longer afford to purchase
The library definitely makes a huge difference in the lives of our family members.  I love that story time for my son is something I can look forward to sharing with him- it's a way for us to venture out without spending money and allows us to have some focused quality time together! I personally love that I can look forward to checking out magazines on the racks and picking up new novels or parenting books to read. I can count on the library to almost always have whatever book I am looking for and it saves me time and money as I am not having to search for the best online deal. 
I don't have to buy books or magazines for my family.  It's a place that is a sweet sanctuary for us, no pressure, 
free entertainment, I am checking out books as oppose to buying them
I do not need to buy expensive books, I can just rent!
I love checking out all of these "how to get your finances in order" books, plus cookbooks AND entertaining books for me and my kids! Thank you library!
I check out audio books for my short commute b/c purchasing audiobooks that you may only enjoy once are expensive.
To me, reading for pleasure has always been a great escape from the rigors of day-to-day life.
FREE activities for my kids to enjoy, a quiet place to go to get away from the stress, book are a pleasant distraction from the reality of these difficult times and the vast selection is available FREE
Love Stanislaus Free Library. I use it all the time. Thanks so much.
We are happy to have access to books, DVDs, and audio books at this time when buying new materials for school is difficult.
I love to read, but in these difficult times I am not able to purchase new books. The library has helped by making more books available. The hours work well and the selection in this county has improved greatly in the last several years. thank you
I have books to read that are actually interesting
I don't have to buy all my books for class.
I am able to find most of my answers to all my mechanics of my cars
We are saving money by checking out books instead of buying them!
Books on tape and CD are a great resource for me.  I listen to books while exercising and driving.  Very appreciative of this service.  I can request books on line and then pick them up when they are at my local branch.
I can get videos and books for free.
By being open and offering such awesome services
It is wonderful to have so many resources from the public library during these difficult economic times!  Very useful!
Kinda obvious, but here goes, I'm buying fewer books, checking out more library books, both new best sellers, and vintage novels from the 30's thru the 90's.   When are you going to offer electronic books for checkout like so many other libraries across the State and the US.  Mobi PRC format preferred for Kindle reading.
so much, absolutely grateful
free resources for school work
I love the library!  Why buy books, just to read once then give away, when we can borrow?  I travel a lot on business so I check out books on tape--at least 6 each month.  That's a saving of hundreds of $$ if I had to buy them.  My grandkids are avid readers; they check out dozens of books each month.  
The library is awesome. I'm a shopaholic; I always have to get SOMETHING whenever I go out. By going to the library I'm able to bring something cool home, for free! I also love to read, so that's a plus. I love the library!!!
late hours to study 
Unlimited resource for continued education as well as testing aids to further my credentials.  I don't know what I would do without the library.  I have grown up with it and it is an invaluable resource to our community.
Because it is free, I am allowed to further my education.
I first started making use of the library when I wanted to buy an audio book for my husband and found that it was over $80 at Barnes & Noble. Imagine my relief when I found the library had several copies I could use for free! Since then I have checked out NUMEROUS audio books for the hubby, a ton of novels for myself, and uncountable numbers of children's books for my preschooler. Borrowing from the library has saved my family approx $550 in my husband’s audio books alone! Add another couple hundred in books for which I would have paid $9.99 each....and double that for books for my son. Long story short, if I would have purchased all the books I've borrowed from the library just last year I would have spent easily over $1000. Needless to say I would not have purchased that many books so the library is not only saving me money but allowing me to broaden my family's reading selection. As an aside I also LOVE managing my account online. Thanks to the Stan County Library for a job well done!
Lots of free entertainment
free knowledge
assisting with research and entertainment at convenient times with free access
I no longer buy books for pleasure reading - we check them out instead!
I have been reading more. I love my library. Thanks
I'm not buying as many paperbacks!
children's books are always encouraging
reading economic books
I am not having to buy books. 
continue to provide materials free of charge
A place to read books that I can't afford to buy.
Doing what they always do! Thanks!
helps me get involved in new inexpensive hobbies
I not cut back on most of my magazine subscriptions and have not bought a new book for over a year. 
by having books on the End Times
saving me so much money!
By providing story times for my Child.  We attend the downtown Modesto session and the Salida session.  Thanks for the great work you do for the children. 
I don't buy books
the library helps me with my studies, being able to get the information needed. This is such a great resource.
children's books are always encouraging
The library offers free books to read, learn from, & free entertainment through DVD's !  We can travel all over the world through the great collection that you offer!!!  Thanks soooo much!
Used to purchase all my books, now I just use the library more.
sending a book about Michelangelo to the Hughson library 
The library provides a place and a way to escape for us who are going through hard times. When our teachers are being layed off, our jobs aren't secure, and people are having every financial problem possible, a nice quiet escape is needed sometimes to reduce stress and keep some form of sanity in people. Unfortunately, in these trying times options for a quiet escape are not all that numerous due to financial issues. This is where the library comes in for me.  A supply of books helps keep me sane and semi-stress free where all else fails.
I am checking out 2 or 3 audio books per month.  I find that a lot of the books I would have bought previously are available at the library with little or no delay.  Thank you, Scott N.
it's great unemployed and still get to read and learn  have a place to go i love it
Well, its still free...
I can check out books and try them out before spending money
Great we don't have to pay unless late and it's only 25 cents!!! :-)
save on buying books
We are now beginning to check out free DVD's. to save video rental fees. The library has a pretty good selection. Also Consumer's Reports information is available online so we save subscription fees.  Thank you!
We have used the library more, for our children, and for resume/interview guides.  Please keep it open. Excellent service. (We are both out of work now, even though we are educated and have a long work history!)   Be happy if you still have a job. :)
I am using the grants database to help look for money to pay for work projects. It's a great resource!
absolutely fantastic erotic great outofthisworld  off the hook beyond the chain out of this world  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious experience
I love the Salida Library not only do I get all the new book releases to read without having to spend money to buy them, we rent movies, books on tape so when we travel we can still listen to books, and any research we need to do we do it at this library.  We would be devastated to lose this wonderful resource.
video rentals, story time
saves gas (online service), saves $ (don't have to buy book at store), saves time
Helping my husband in his Theological classes.
It saves me money and I can still keep reading.
It's free entertainment for my daughter and I am not buying books as much. 
free use of the computer
saves money that I was spending on buying books.
I helps me keep a positive attitude
Well, the library is free!!! It is like the only thing that doesn't cost any money these days!!  :)
Providing lots of free books to read!
By getting me through my mental problems and saving my life. Also it is helping me prepare for my math 90 assessment test
free resources for school
Have the books I want and I LOVE to read. 
I am an avid reader and never go anywhere without taking a book to read, just in case.  My current budget cannot handle an allocation of dollars to this pleasure.  So, I use the library for all my reading needs including magazines and newspapers.  Added to all that is the convenience of ordering what I am interested in online and getting a notice to let me know when it is ready and when it is due (which saves me late fees)  Just perfect. 
I learn the important knowledge of coping hardships by reading more books (they are free too!) during this dire economic time.
The library is and will always be a reliable facet in the lives of readers everywhere.  Without libraries, those who could not afford purchase books, probably wouldn't read.  Society takes for granted the affect a library has on building a more knowledgeable world.  Keep our libraries open!
Instead of purchasing a book I will only read once, I borrow from the library. If I find I really enjoyed the book, I can go buy it without worry.
You guys are appreciated and a vital source to tons of potential in the world. Thank you so much!
I really enjoy taking my daughter to Wiggle Worms and being able to check out books and videos for her. We love the library. Thank you.
I LOVE the Modesto & Salida libraries.  And you're right - during these tough times the library is a godsend.  I've saved money by canceling subscriptions to magazines.  I read them at the library for free instead.  I do a LOT of research about different things at the library, as well.  I just researched how to lay paver tiles in our back yard, for example.  So instead of hiring an expensive workman I can do that work myself for just the cost of materials.  That's a big savings.  I've also researched how to do other kinds of DIY projects, all with good results.  I'm trying to learn Spanish so I've been borrowing children's books written in Spanish, and other adult Spanish language books and magazines.  This has saved me the cost of expensive CD's and classes, and has really accelerated my learning.  Cruising through the stacks always turns up some new book or idea or something that will take my mind off the terrifying things that the media's printing about our current situation.  Everyone I know is scared to death about what's going to happen next.  The news reports make this thing sound like the end of the world - at least the end of the world as we've known it, and probably the end of US.  But a good book takes you somewhere safe and wonderful.  Somewhere where you don't have to worry about  having a job in the morning or paying the mortgage this month.  It's a great place to be.  And the same can be said of our libraries.  They're just a GREAT place to be.  Thanks for doing such a great job. 
Has always been a way to escape...reading a great book at no cost is priceless!
The library helps me ALL the time, during bad economic times and good.  I am very grateful for the resource that it is and it is FREE.
The library allows our family the luxury of providing wonderful books for my grandson at no cost.  He is falling in love with books 
Encouragement thru books/dvd's-Somewhere that I can afford to go and benefit so much. I love the dvd's, videos, internet access (to look for work), happy-helpful staff and, of course, Books and magazines! I love the Library!
At least there is something to take our mind off of the gloom and doom, a chance to get back to reading, watching movies and really see what is free and really enjoyable.
The kids love to go to the library to get pleasure reading books and school report books. I love the books on CD that make my commute more enjoyable. My wife loves the mystery movies and novels. 
It is helping a great deal as to not have to drive to a bookstore and have to purchase a book with my well earned money, instead i can head over to the close libraries and check one out for a lengthy time and enough to read all the books i love. Thank you Stanislaus Library for allowing an enjoyable time with YOUR books!
keeps me busy reading books
free resources for class
I've always loved to own my own books.  For the past few months, being able to borrow books from the Stanislaus County Free Library has been a wonderful way to read new books without making life more difficult.
I love it! I really appreciate the books and videos, cd, dvd's, thanks! 
unlimited free entertainment
My husband was laid off in January.  I commute to Stanislaus from the Sacramento area.  I borrow books on CD.  It saves me during the drive and can't beat the cost!  Thanks so much for being there.
I am getting books from the library instead of buying. I am also reading more because of the available resources! Thank you!
a wonderful place to enjoy learning without the expense!
Making it possible for my family to: have access to free children's books and activities (wiggleworms), research home improvement projects for free (i.e. gardening books), free family entertainment (kids music cds, fiction books both in print and on cd, videos etc.)  THANK YOU!!!!!
Not a difference for us at this time - we love the library as we did always!
the people at the ceres library are the best. the service i get from the library system is great
Its great!
free references for school
I call the library The Poor Mans University.  I cannot afford college but the library gives me the opportunity to learn at a small cost.  Thank you for being there for me.
The library is helping me search for work on the internet.
A good book is always sure to lift my spirits, oh yeah and it is free!
finding materials that another library cannot afford to buy.  Thanks.
it brings me happiness and calm peace
save on book costs
free materials and story time
no car-saves gas
money very short for any extra entertainment so now instead of going to the movies, mall, bowling, rent a movie we go to the library or park. it's fun and educational.
Saving $$ on buying books by checking them out instead.
It saves me time and money 
cheaper than buying books
I study history and the library has a wealth of books that I can borrow at no cost.
Viva free entertainment! I utilize the DVD check-out system, audio books for my car, and a bit of the classics (or other interests) that I've been meaning to get to.
staying home more with family reading instead of paying for movies
I do not have to buy books! Thank you for being open and available!
keeping some time for education
auto information and entertainment
By being open many hours with free books and movies
It has help me in my research for career since I have lost my job at the end of December.  This goes for my husband also since he has just lost his job in February.
free tax help at the library has been helpful to me for the last few years - and a Godsend in this economy.
I love the library even more in difficult times... a free place to be, a happy place always.
A huge help!  A no cost way to keep reading!  Thank you!
I cannot afford to buy my own books.
free entertainment for the kids and books to read when we can't afford a book store.
The library is a place of exploration, hope, and quiet in a stressful time.
I often evaluate a library copy of a book or CD or DVD before I purchase from a store or website.
I can borrow rather than buy books.
It helps entertain me for free! I am so thankful for my library card! I get books in paper and CD!  It takes me to a whole new world.
Access to reference material, for free
I love to read and the library lets me read all my favorites without having to buy them, which saves me lots of money. I appreciate them more than I can say! I can keep up with my favorites and still pay the bills....thanks!
I like the activities for the kids...I can't afford to take them to the movies, zoo, etc
Instead of buying books for my kids to read, we go to the library and barrow them for free! Its really great! Thank you!
Lets me read for free
saves me a lot of money instead of buying a book I'll only read once
FREE BOOKS!!!   And Thank you so much!!!
The closest place to pursue my graduate research 
saving me loads of money
I have found checking out books and tapes versus buying them very helpful with my budget and allows me to maintain that piece of life I enjoy.
Finding time to borrow books for my children and I is a must..It is educational, relaxing and give the children something to do besides watching television.. Thanks to all the wonderful librarians... 
I don't get to miss out on my neighborhood book club.
I love to read, but the price of purchasing books (even discounted) is luxury that I can't afford.
I am checking out books that I am interested in reading that I am unable to purchase for myself.  Thank you!
love checking out books.....it doesn't cost much!!!
I use our Waterford library constantly, and I have my books sent to our library using this great website!
Amazing resource for information and entertainment.  I can't read or listen (audio books) fast enough to keep up with all the material available.  Thank you, thank you for making these low budget times less painful!
A wonderful resource for limitless, free, entertainment.  I save over $60/month by reading library books instead of subscribing to television service.
access to books for reading without spending - information on many areas of life interest
by  getting  a card
being able to borrow books to read is really appreciated
Still not charging to check out books
My kids can still have a movie night every weekend because the library movies are free!!!
having free books & tapes available, also computer access!
The library is a vital resource for my day care and for myself and my children for providing books to read for fun as well as books used for research for school reports and projects
I find materials and books that I would normally purchase.  The books and movies nourish my spirit and inspire me to dig deeper and reach higher.  I have many times used materials from the library that have helped me to shore up various house project and save money.  Books on gardening and cooking have also been valuable to me.  Many thanks!
free access to books, books on tape, dvds,t hank you!!!
easy access to learn more during bad times
the teen agers in the city library in the afternoons after school are not on the streets with nothing better to do
Absolutely fantastic!
We are using the library more for books (rather than purchasing), kids videos/dvds, using online databases instead of wasting gas to drive to the library to look up magazine articles such as consumer reports ratings.
I can check out books free instead of buying them. It saves me money.
listening to books on tape/cd instead of buying them, checking out children books instead of buying them.
looking for a job
help is very good
free movies & books on tape
The long hours the library is open is very helpful. I do miss the Sunday opening, though.
being able to use the internet and being able to check out free dvd movies
free dvds
My daughter is in Second grade and is an excellent reader. I was trying to figure out how to buy some books at her level, but we can't really afford them right now. The library has been such a benefit to us as she is able to continue to read books that challenge her.
I enjoy checking out books on cd.  I listen to one every day on my commute to work.  If this wasn't available I wouldn't be able to afford purchasing them.  It is such a nice treat. 
The Stanislaus County Library is a BIG help!
save money since I can't buy books but still can read them through the library!
cheap, occasionally educational entertainment  :>
FREE Resources for school projects
it is a haven
Read books for free without resorting to internet piracy
Being an avid reader, access to free reading is really helpful.  Couldn't afford to purchase all the books I'd love to read.
Both my son and myself love to read.  He is six years old and I feel this is enriching his life by nurturing his mind and soul.  Thank you
I don't have to go out and buy the Twilight books, I just have to wait patiently.
As a homeschooling family we are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to check out the books we are not able to purchase.  Thank you.
videos for kids
computer classes
The library is a great resource in both difficult times and good times... I use it all the time! 
I don't have to buy a book outright and just borrow it.  A big savings!
Children's books/videos and nonfiction on parenting.  Also, we find some fiction, that previously we would have bought. Thanks!
Work is slow so I am learning to speak Spanish with the cd's 
referencing job information.
I appreciate being able to find many homeschooling resources to borrow, rather than buy.  That saves us a lot of money.
I am able to check out books from the library which saves me money in that I don't have to purchase the books. I love the convenience of being able to order the books from any location and have them sent to my local branch (Hughson). This also saves money in gas!!
It helps provide entertainment and knowledge for people of all ages and its free!
i love to read i always have and with times as hard as they are i just cannot afford to buy books so i use the library so much and im so happy that it is there 
there are books that i would like to buy (since that is the norm for me) but money is tight, so instead, i am checking out more books at the library so i can still enjoy reading!
great having the library open for the kids.
the library is helping me in these times, because instead of renting a movie that costs money, I can rent a book for Free!
Free books for the whole family to read - love it!
Providing boundless wholesome entertainment whenever called apon, the library is truly an asset to the town, especially during these times.
providing a wealth of reading matter, at no cost to me.
the library is one of civilizations best inventions in good times and bad.  It should be supported to the max.
Books that I cannot afford to buy I am able to rent!  Thank you!
I'm spending a lot less money on books, which are one of my major vices!
Just remaining open!
free resources for school
puhlease, you are the best
Reading is the best entertainment! for free!
We love going to the library and checking out movies, it saves us a lot of money on entertainment
Provides one of my and my family's main sources of entertainment and helps us learn to do anything from knitting to drawing. Plus, my little brother loves to go to the readings.
I can't afford the high prices of books and the library is keeping my nightstand filled with books for free!  thanks!
I can borrow books and DVDs to save on purchasing or renting.
Lately it's been costing us money with so many late fees. I have been borrowing books from friends as well. I quit buying books from Scholastics and try to get my children to check out books from the library!
Instead of buying books.  I can read them for free.
The library helps me make good book buying choices. I check books out from the library first then buy the title only once I'm satisfied with it's future value to my personal library.
I am using the library as a travel resource instead of buying guide books.
i love to read and learn new things and the only way i can do that now is to get books for free at the library. Thank you so much.
It's so much easier to renew and look for items online, rather than going all the way across town. It saves time and gas. And I appreciate it!
my children are able to read a variety of books at no cost to us, which is such a blessing right now. it is our entertainment. thanks!
I bring my child to play at the library for free fun!
Im able to educate myself, knowledge is power, in turn make money with my knowledge.
free resources for school
My children and I love going to the library.You don't have to spend money to enjoy educational, interesting and historical books.I'd rather have my children spend time at the library than in front of a television, video game or going on popular websites. Thanks to the wonderful librarians at the Patterson Library....
Borrowing more books--purchasing fewer
the library is a lifesaver. I can't afford to buy books, so it is a huge blessing to be able to borrow them.
by still being able to afford to read like I do
I am saving money by checking out books, rather than buying them
I love being able to read and pick up any book I please with no cost, and I really appreciate it.
Escapism in an incredible selection of books!
It allows me to check out dvds I wouldn't be able to normally rent or buy.
Wireless event  wooo!
book  buying for  me
I don't have to buy books for our family. Also wiggleworms provides my toddler with a wonderful educational (and fun!) experience for no cost. 
Free books are awesome!
have a lot of new books to read
I lost my job and the library resources are making my job search successful.
free resources for school
a place to go when i have no money
Saves me the cost of DVDs books and magazines
Having free internet access, where I can take my laptop to study and work on my research papers.
We can pick up books all of the latest releases and enjoy reading to relax
it's free and fun programs!
I appreciate the many books being offered.  It helps not to have to purchase these books in this tough economy.  Thank you.
homework research
I enjoy requesting materials and picking them up at my local library.
free entertainment
More time to read. Thank you!
five stars
Checking out materials instead of buying.
gives me access to recorded books
living from pay check to pay check the library gives me a place where I can Learn how to save and cut costs
free resources for school
I hadn't used the library in many years until I recently renewed my card. Now that I'm retired I have time to read, and being on a limited budget, it is especially appreciated. I am impressed with all the new services offered including the on-line Find/Renew feature.
reading takes some of the stress away
There are so many ways a library is so important during these sad times.  I love saving money by checking a good book out, borrowing DVD's, checking bulletin boards for calendar events, seeing friends, going with a friend then out for coffee, reading what I want to, not just what is in the newspaper or magazine.  Knowing that supporting a library helps all in our community, I try to go often so they know we need you here in Modesto.  Want me to continue? 
Even though I still have a job, I never know when the next layoff is coming, so I am taking classes at MJC to get a degree.  I have found the library very useful for information for the reports I had to write and I even found one of the textbooks there so I was able to check it out and read it instead of having to buy one!   I also spend time there studying before tests.  Between semesters I like the cookbooks, how-to books, gardening and computer books.   :)
Instead of buying a book, we're looking to see if it's available at the library.  We appreciate the library being there for us.
giving my kids and I a chance to read books that we could not otherwise afford 
I like to read so it gives me something to do and doesn't cost anything!
Checking out books I like to read rather then buying them
a lot cause it is free
the library helps provide entertainment via books and videos for our family.  
Our book club has made a point to choose books that are available at the library to avoid each of us having to purchase them. Some members choose buy their books but others are unable to afford them. I have been requesting them as soon as I know what we will read and have not had to purchase a book for several months. Also, my daughter is a Jr. in the Modesto High IB program and has used the library for her assignments. The library has been invaluable.
The library gives us a way to connect with our family. My daughter loves to read and we find ourselves excited to visit the library! We do not have extra money for extra activities so the library has really been such a help!!!!
It is the only free entertainment available to everyone.
Very very well, I appreciated very much. Thank you.
Saves on buying books
I use it instead of buying books.
I am visiting the bookstore less and the library more.  The library provides me with an option to first peruse the book fully prior to purchasing, should I care to do so.
by providing free books and internet usage
resume, job searching
Don't have to spend money for books
Very well I enjoy going 
Just being able to lose myself in a good book always helps! I appreciate your services thank you!
Provides me a way to read books and get books for my kids without having to buy them. Huge savings... also love story time for my toddler Monday morning. 
Great alternative activity for my children during the day
A place to go for reprieve... and get your mind off of this present world economy and such
I really enjoy the on line book club, which I guess you have decided to discontinue.  Suzanne Beacher's daily column is a bright spot in an otherwise dismal economic situation.  I am very disappointed that you will be discontinuing it. 
consistently provides books of interest that i otherwise would be unable to afford to buy
The library is basically a necessity to everyone in the county. 
i can check out textbooks instead of buying them...it really is a big help...thank you very much
I can still read when I don't have as much cash
extremely helpful
Our "Girl's NIght Out Bookclub," a group of moms who like to go out AND discuss the most recent literary pick, has been able to check out books from the library for many of our members.  Since we meet every 6 weeks or so, buying the books would really add up! Thanks SCL!
our wonderful librarian in Waterford has provided me with MANY books of interest that i could have afforded to buy.
Saving me money from buying books!
my 3 kids and i love to come to the library!!
thank the US for the library system.  Seems it is the only thing that is actually free for those who are poor
The library is VERY important.  I estimate going there at least once a week and books are part of my life.  I also want to give my vote to keep the online book club (readers.com).  Thank you
helping  me  have  fun
job search
GREAT!  I LOVE THE LIBRARY!  MY GRANDSON  LOVES IT TOO!  It keeps us busy, saves money, and less worry and stress.  We can never thank you enough for all you do!  Best wishes!!! 
The Library is doing a phenomenal job of keeping community interest alive with showcasing personal and children's art, along with providing information to the general public
free books to read
job search
helps me learn
When i buy reference books, I preview them at the library first.  A very valuable service.
I depend on books on CD & tape for my commute, and couldn't do it without the library! Very grateful!!!
big time!  i don't have to buy expensive books that cost a lot of money.
I live in Turlock and I visit the library frequently. It helps me to study and finish school work in a quiet environment so that I may graduate high school. I simply cannot study at my house as it is very chaotic!  It also allows me to brush up on math skills for free with the books I read on my own, instead of my having to hire a tutor. So THANK YOU Stanislaus County Turlock Library! Keep up the good work!
great books which are entertaining and educational for free.
does help with schoolwork
Not having to buy the books we love while being unemployed.
borrowing, not buying, books
This is my edge to stay employed.  Please continue to provide non-fiction books to expand our horizons.
free resources for school
Instead of buying books, I check them out from the library.  This helps both the environment and my pocket book.
Every way imaginable - budgeting books, resume, business - and would you believe much needed help me forget about the stress of my day reading of "fun" books to help fall asleep at night!
allowing me to receive Dear Reader" - love the e-mails.  There have been well over 100 books I've checked out due to their e-mails.  I understand SCL may cut this service.  It really is a much used service and many get much joy from it.
The variety of media available saves us 1000's each year
free books for my children, they love books
I can no longer afford to buy the books I want to read. So, the library is essential for me AND my children. I have always believed that ALL information should be free to the public. That is the epitome of free knowledge and information.
I LOVE the emails I get from the book club! PLEASE don't cut that service.
allowing me free use of the internet
defers the cost of buying books I would like to read

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